Swimming with Confidence!

In the spring, service users from the Tricuro Directions group took part in swimming sessions funded by Dorset Community Foundation.

Staff were pleased to report that the Service Users have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  This group were able to use the pool privately, which had an impact on their confidence in the water.   Cath, a service user commented, “ When we swim and there are people in there I feel nervous. It was good because I didn’t feel nervous, I could swim’.

Jo, the Day Service Officer who supported the group spoke of Cath, a service user.  “ Cath wears her glasses in the pool but she still has poor vision and she has to take her hearing aids out, so this obviously impacts on her greatly. Also, she needs to use a woggle, as she cannot swim like her peers. I think they all loved the fact that they had the pool to themselves and could swim freely without bumping into people”

Jo said that she had enjoyed it too  “ The pressure of having to constantly watch the ladies was lessened as I knew they were safe.  The lifeguard had a good view of them too, just in case they got into difficulty.

This group will are now undertaking an ASDAN Water Skills course at Osprey Leisure Centre



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