Art Therapy in Action

In May 2017 the Charity commissioned an art workshop provider to deliver a wreath-making workshop at the Ridgeway Centre in Weymouth. 

One of the men in the Ridgeway group had been struggling to engage in activities and had become very isolated.

The staff had used egg trays and paint as a kind of art therapy. Whilst he concentrated on painting, they were able to break down some of the barriers resulting in a happy, talkative gentleman and a massive pile of colourful egg trays that they didn’t know what to do with!  He had been painting them for the last 7 months.

Along with the Ridgeway staff, she delivered the workshop to a group of 9 service users with a vast range of abilities. One lady used her eyebrows to convey which colour paint she wanted her support worker to use. 

We spent the morning painting and constructing a wreath, engaging in conversation and having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Each and every group member engaged to the best of their ability. It was especially nice for the gentleman who had been meticulously painting the trays, to see his efforts transformed into a beautiful work of art

I contacted the Ridgeway Centre the following week for feedback and was informed that they had gone on to make a further two wreaths and that they were in the process of making more.

art-therapy-1 art-therapy-2 art-therapy

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